Drawabox submission - Lesson 4

Submission and critique: Lesson 4 on reddit

Cicada Reference: Cicada in hand

Anise swallowtail lifecycle Reference: Egg, Pupa, Butterfly

The caterpillar was early instar and from a video that I can’t find anymore.


Layins Reference: Worker ant, Winged ant

Layins Reference: Stinkbug, Crawfish

Vinegaroon Reference: Full-body, En guarde


Black and yellow garden spider Reference: Dorsal, Ventral

Common scorpionfly Reference: Beauty shot, In-flight

Pillbug Reference: Curled up, Unfurling, Crawling

I tried too hard to plan out the composition of this page and ended up doing sloppy pencil sketches.

Stag beetle (gesture/pencil sketches)

Some failed attempts at doing the above correctly. Rushed too much, and was generally unhappy with the quality.

Stag beetle (attempt 1) Stag beetle (attempt 2)

Had a difficult time identifying the forms in this pic, so I trace the construction over the picture. This actually helped quite a bit, although I didn’t use the traced forms for the full drawing.

Stag beetle (tracing out forms)

I struggled with the shape of the head. It seems to vary from beetle to beetle, although it’s generally boxy or wedge-shaped. Decided to use my remaining pages on the stag beetle since I wanted to try the female and retry the male in another pose.

Stag beetle (male)

Reference: Male stag beetle

Stag beetle (female)

Reference: Female stag beetle

Main regret for this one is doing the cast shadow too quickly, re: the rear leg

Stag beetle (male)

Reference: Male stag beetle