Drawabox submission - Lesson 1

Update 171008: Critique from /u/Uncomfortable: Lesson 1 on reddit

Well, I finally finished the first drawabox lesson. It took me over a week, working on it for an hour or two each day.

I ended up being able to put my 0.5mm Pilot Hi-Tec-C gel pen to use. By the time I switched to the felt-tip/brush pen I ordered, it was nearly empty.

The boxes (part 3) took an inordinate amount of time for me to get right – probably because I needed to relearn how to draw lines with a pressure-sensitive pen.

I wasn’t originally going to submit these, but I’m too invested at this point to back out. (A positive example of the sunk-cost fallacy?)


Superimposed lines, a Superimposed lines, b Superimposed lines, c Superimposed lines, d

This page is a bit sad, but I put in most of my ghosting-time during other parts of the lesson.

Something I learned by watching myself was that there is a wrong way to ghost. I’d fall into a rhythm and be scared to actually mark the page. I fixed that by counting down on each ghosting stroke. Once I hit zero, I strike – no matter what.

The number is arbitrary, but knowing I have a limited number of “fakes” forces me to pay attention to every single one, instead of just absentmindedly pretending to draw and assuming I’m getting something out of it.


Planes, a Planes, b


These were fun, but they weren’t immediately helpful for doing the boxes. I didn’t have much reason to go back to them. Looking ahead, that should change for lesson 2.

Ellipses, a Ellipses, b Ellipses, c

Funnels, a Funnels, b


I had no idea what I was doing with the hatching. Kind of messed this one up, which is why I didn’t try to shade the second drawing.

Straightedge perspective, a Straightedge perspective, b

Rough perspective, a Rough perspective, b

The instructions say “completely freehand”, which means I cheated a bit by drawing the horizontal and vertical axes with a ruler (and a pencil).

Rotated boxes

Some of the boxes ended up flipping back and forth as I was trying to draw them. My guess is the combination of angle (edges overlapping) and wrong line-weights (far=bold and near=light) caused the visual confusion.

Organic boxes, a Organic boxes, b